“It's all about the know-how”

About us

The company Data Labs was established by bringing together a number of first-class professionals (programmers, mathematicians, analysts, technologists and laboratory technicians) with vast data recovery experience and practice in both domestic and foreign companies.

The comprehensiveness, variety and overall complexity of RAID disk arrays, and data recovery in particular, lead us to establish an independent RAID Labs division, where we can fully utilize our skills in recovering RAID arrays and also offer them to the general public with sufficient potential.

We operate on the lowest level

We offer an original, yet unique approach to data rescue, particularly from RAID disk arrays. We operate on the lowest level, also called the binary level, which enables us to reconstruct disk arrays of almost all types, versions, configurations, volumes / partitions and formatted with any file system.

Our specialists and programmers have been developing complex mathematical and logical procedures for many years and consistently supplement and expand systems and routines, which have already been established, with new technology and therefore preserve the uniqueness of our very narrow specialized portfolio.

Mainly the diligence and effort put in by our specialists enable us to solve even very complicated defects. This is much appreciated by both domestic and foreign “data recovery” companies, to whom we also provide our services.

What you should know:

  • We work nonstop, 24 hours per day.
  • We support all RAID types and versions
  • Regardless of interface, size and system used
  • We do not require the original controller.
  • We are independent of the original (operating) system.
  • We need no information about the original array configuration.
  • We do not ask for any financial deposits.
  • You only pay for recovered data.